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Monday, February 28, 2011

Almond Blossom Run(s)

OK. So I ran the mile and the 5 mile at the Almond Blossom Run in Ripon, CA on 2/26/2011. Times:

1 mile = 7.28.3 15th overall and third (bronze) in my AG
5 mile = 44:01.5 116th overall and 11th in my AG

Previous best 5 mile was 48:59 on Thanksgiving of 2009 for the Turkey Trail Trot in SF.
Trimmed almost 5 minutes from my PR.
Splits were 8:18, 9:10, 8:55, 9:00, and 8:38. Started and finished pretty strong. Proud of that.

Official results: http://www.shadowchase.org/results.htm

Next race is 3/6 Henry's March 5K and mile at CSU Stanislaus in Turlock, CA.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Don Osborne Run in Oakdale, CA

1 mile time: 7:19.8 and 5K time was posted as 26:30.5. The clock said 26:20, but whatever. I forgot to check my stopwatch. It was still pretty good for running again after only a 30 min. break. The mile started at 9 AM and the 5K at 9:30. I saw some friends out there and met some new ones! Joined the ShadowChase Running club. Next race will be Henry's March at CSU Stanislaus on March 6, again doing both races, but this time it is the 5K first so I should get a better 5K. Racing my kids in the mile and I think I'm going to get smoked! Oh well, it will be fun.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ready to Race

OK, so tomorrow I run my first races of the year. I am doing the mile at 9 AM and then the 5K at 9:30. Will post up the results here and on DM. My 13 year old son ran a 6:55 mile today at school. I don't think I can touch that. We are going head to head next month. My PR is 7:12. Don't know if I'll be able to touch that either. I'm thinking 7:30 for the mile and 26:00 for the 5K. Would love to do better, but trying to be realistic. You can check my race schedule page and look for Don Osborne to check out the race!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Race Calendar for Feb-May

2/12 Don Osborne Run in Oakdale, CA
1 Mile and 5K. Did the 5K last year.

2/26 Almond Blossom Run in Ripon, CA
1 Mile and 5 Mile. New to calendar this year.

3/6 Henry's March in Turlock, CA
1 Mile and 5K. Did both last year.

3/19 Jamestown Run in Jamestown, CA
2 Mile and 10K. Did both last year.

4/10 Wildflower Run in Morgan Hill, CA
10K. Did the 5K last year.

5/15 The 100th running of the Bay to Breakers in San Francisco, CA
7.46 (12K). Never tried this race or distance before.
They are expecting 50,000 participants.

5/21 Chocolate Festival in Oakdale, CA
1 Mile and 5K. Did both last year.

I will probably schedule something for April, either a 5K or 10K and then a half marathon for early June.
Also plan to run the half marathon at the Giant Race at AT&T park in August.

I'll post more when I schedule more. I'm running well right now, averaging 8:20-8:30/mile.

Got my numbers back from health screening

OK. So I got my results from my health screening at work on my BD.
BP was 110/78. Normal is under 120/80.
Total cholesterol was 167. Normal is 125-200.
HDL was 48. Over 40 is normal.
Triglycerides were 103. Under 150 is normal.
LDL was 98. Under 130 is normal.
Chol/HDLC Ration was 3.5. Under 5 is normal.
Glucose was 85. 65-99 is normal.
Waist measured at the belly button was 36. Under 40 is goal. I am actually a 33 waist.
They are recommending 2400 cal/day for me. No way that is happening. I average 1500-1700.

OK, now for my numbers.
Current weight is 164, still down 3 lbs.
Body fat was measured at 21.2. I don't know how I'm climbing. I think the machine is messed up.
My weight is dropping and my body fat is rising. I don't understand.
Goal is still to get to 155-157 by the end of April.