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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Got my numbers back from health screening

OK. So I got my results from my health screening at work on my BD.
BP was 110/78. Normal is under 120/80.
Total cholesterol was 167. Normal is 125-200.
HDL was 48. Over 40 is normal.
Triglycerides were 103. Under 150 is normal.
LDL was 98. Under 130 is normal.
Chol/HDLC Ration was 3.5. Under 5 is normal.
Glucose was 85. 65-99 is normal.
Waist measured at the belly button was 36. Under 40 is goal. I am actually a 33 waist.
They are recommending 2400 cal/day for me. No way that is happening. I average 1500-1700.

OK, now for my numbers.
Current weight is 164, still down 3 lbs.
Body fat was measured at 21.2. I don't know how I'm climbing. I think the machine is messed up.
My weight is dropping and my body fat is rising. I don't understand.
Goal is still to get to 155-157 by the end of April.

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