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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September Races

Here's a couple of photos from 9/17/2011, where I ran the Cancer Awareness Run and Ride in Modesto, CA at the Modesto JC. My official time was 15:40.8 for the 2 mile. This crushed my previous best 2 mile time of 16:13 set earlier this year in Jamestown, CA. I took 16th overall out of 221 entries. There were a lot of walkers. I took 3rd in my AG, as I dedicated this race to my older brother Dave who died of cancer at the age of 43. He was a smoker. The first photo is me approaching the finish line knowing that I was going to beat my goal of 15:45. The second photo was taken for me by one of the ShadowChase volunteers, after I had changed shirts into my 2011 Giant Race Half Marathon shirt.
This photo is myself with Henrietta and 2 of her running buddies before the start of the Graniterock Rock and Run 10K on 9/11/2011. This race was actually close to 6.7 miles long with 3 pretty serious hills, and an elevation difference from -80 ft (below sea level) to 411 feet above sea level. I ran in in 1:02:28 which is my "slowest" 10K ever, but in fact was a pretty decent 9:19 pace due to the actual length of the run.

Here's a couple of photos from my 9/3/2011 Color the Skies 5K race. They had at least 15 hot air balloons released at the event, plus a kid's train ride, jet flyover, skydivers, food, etc. It is a fabulous event. My second time running this 5K. It was my first race 2 years ago. I ran it in 29:19.9 in 2009. I was gasping for air, and stopped to catch my breath at least 3 times. But it was a start. I was 192nd of 385 that day, and 22nd in my AG. This time around I ran it in 25:21, 7th of 21 in my AG, and 61st of 280 overall. Big difference. I actually ran a 7:59 pace in this race for the first time ever in a 5K!

A pretty productive month. Now it's time to focus on my next half. The Morgan Hill Half Marathon on 10/23/2011. More miles, more smiles. Here we go!

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