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2010 Race Results

Race                                                     Time/Pace          Date                     Comment


Don Osborne Memorial                          26:44.6/8:36      02/13/2010           Felt good
Henry's March                                       27:17/8:46         03/07/2010           5K and mile
Wildflower Run                                      27:41/8:56         03/27/2010           No energy
Waterford Heritage Run                         25:09/8:07         05/07/2010           Ran great
Oakdale Chocolate Festival                    26:52.3/8:40      05/15/2010          5K and mile
Giants Race, AT&T Park                   30:35/9:51         06/12//2010           Sore hip
Jailbreak Run                                        26:37/8:35         07/18/2010            Ran well
Riverbank Wine and Cheese Festival      25:33.01/8:15    10/09/2010            Good run
Virtual Turkey Trot 5K                           26:02                 11/25/2010            Fun in the dark!
Virtual 5K for New Year's Eve               25:58                 1/2/2011                Almost the same run

1 Mile

Henry's March                                      7:58                  03/07/2010           Helped child*  
Oakdale Chocolate Festival                   7:12                 05/15/2010            Ran well    

2 Mile

Jamestown Run                                    16:14/8:07         03/13/2010           10K and 2M       


Jamestown Run                                    57:42/9:17         03/13/2010            Felt good          
Windsor Green                                    58:08.7/9:23      05/23/2010            Sore hip  
Race to the end of Summer                  59:34.7/9:37      09/05/2010            Ran well**
Mountain House                                  59:24.3/9:35      10/23/2010            Dehydrated

5 Mile

Dustin Hobbs Memorial                      49:33.63/9:55     04/18/2010            Very Hilly    

Half Marathon 

City of Santa Clarita Half                    02:17:53/10:32   11/07/2010            Felt OK*** 

* I had a child trip over my foot trying to let me pass, so I stopped and helped him up.
** Pretty sure this race was closer to 6.5 miles. I ran really well.
*** I think this was good for my first half. Definitely want to train more and better and try to get closer to 2 hours. I was at 28 min for 3 miles, 58 min for 6 miles, 80 min for 8 miles, and started to run out of gas. So I decided to hit the water station every mile from there to the finish to make sure I finished.

Video for DM Team with 2010 race photos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJuQpSTTl-A

Total miles for 2010: 416