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Friday, August 16, 2013

South Fork 5K


Before the race start. 7/19/13.
The race was rescheduled due to rain and lightning on the original planned date. We stood out there for about 45 minutes on 6/28/13 waiting to see if we could catch a break long enough to get the run in. Instead we got to eat pizza, bananas, etc. or have it go to waste. That was good. I ran into a friend that I met at my previous 5K, the Run for the Pineapple on 5/27/13. That was nice.
There was some standing water along the golf course next to South Fork HS where the race began and finished. There was also tall grass, some places as tall as 8-12 inches. It made for a really interesting run!


The course was a double-double loop course. We started at the HS parking lot and out the drive and back then out onto the access road along the golf course along the woods, through the 3" deep swampy area and tall grass then back out the access road to the parking lot and back out the drive and back, etc. As you can see here I was trailing the man in blue, the guy in the grey and I had just caught the girl in grey. This is the start of the second loop onto the golf course access road.
Despite my valiant efforts, I was unable to catch the guy in grey. I did leave the girl in grey and the man in blue pretty handily on the last loop. It was a very average time of 30:17.4. But what a challenge. It was good enough for second place in my AG. It turns out the man in blue was in my AG and I was able to take him in the last 1/2 mile pretty easily as he was fading. Pretty happy with that!
Here is a photo of my reward for finishing 2nd in my AG! The balding man to the right is Carl, my friend from the Pineapple Run. He ran it in 25+. A great run in these conditions. Fortunately he is a little younger than me and was not in my AG.
They brought out the food all over again and I enjoyed plenty. It was a warm muggy evening, but I got it done and then I ate my fill and enjoyed my winnings! Sharon was there as a spectator and was gracious enough to take these photos. Thanks, Sharon!