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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Rest of my Running Year

I've run so many great races this year. I just PRed at the 5K distance at the Riverbank Cheese and Wine Festival. I was sixth in my age group (50-59) and 47th overall. The only problem was that I had registered for the 10K. I was so fast 16:06 at the 2 mile mark that I didn't want to waste a chance to PR at the 5K (which was one of the only distances that I hadn't beaten this year) and I didn't know how long I could hold this pace. So I pulled in and told the timers that I had decided to run the 5K. They weren't really pleased, but they didn't make a big deal about it either. I came in at 25:05.5 which took out my previous best of 25:09 from last year in Waterford, CA. They never posted those results online, so I've never had any real proof of my finishing time. Now I do. So the only distance that I haven't PRed at this year is the mile. Last year at the Oakdale Cowboys and Chocolate Festival, I was 6th overall and 2nd in my age group, with a finishing time of 7:12.4. So far this year I've run a 7:19, 7:27, and 7:28 twice.

This is me near the finish of my recent Cheese and Wind 5K. I really felt great as I was just cruising the whole way.

So, back to the original topic. This Sunday, on 10/23/2011, I take my running career to a whole new level. I am running my third half, second of this year. It is the Morgan Hill Half Marathon. Even though this is a more hilly half than I have done to date, I still hope to PR. My current PR, from just a couple of months ago, was set at the Giant Race in San Francisco, CA, at AT&T Park. Home of the 2010 World Champion, San Francisco Giants (just thought I'd mention that). A couple of the pitchers, Brian Wilson and Matt Cain, were seen out there, but unfortunately not by me! I met some really nice people out there though and had a great time. My wife accompanied me, and was waiting for me at the finish, cheering me on. It was so chaotic and loud, though, that I never heard or saw her. But they caught her in a finisher's photo of me and you can see her down in the front row of the stands cheering me on. That was great.

This photo is from the 2010 Giant Race. I did the 5K last year with my daughter, Rose. This year's photos were not too good.

This one is at the 2011 Post Race Expo, taken by my wife, once we were able to make it through the crowds and find each other. This one is not bad, but the official race photos were taken right at the finish line and I did not look good. This was about 30 minutes later. It took that long to get through and get your post race goodies and bling. I got a nice Tim Lincecum bobblehead! The finisher's medal is top notch also. The girls at the race loved my shirt. It is from the Bad Bass 5K. Most of the them thought it said Bad Ass and I got a lot of great comments on that as they came up to check it out. Pretty funny. I was drenched, as I sweated profusely and soaked my head at every water station. I never stopped, though. First half without any walk breaks. I even ran the two hills. Not bad.

Sorry, to much looking back. Next race is the Morgan Hill Half. Goal: 2:03. Current PR: Giant Race Half, 2:05:44, with a 9:32/mile pace. I'm inching closer to that coveted 2 hour mark. If I run a great race, I can probably do it this time. I just don't want to make it my goal and push too hard. The whole family is going this time, to meet me at the finish. So I WILL be finishing strong!

After that, I am trying to get a team together to run the marathon relay at the California International Marathon. I was too late to register for the individual marathon, so the only way I can run it is with a team. I have a lot of my online running friends that will be there on 12/4/2011. I want to see them and meet new ones! So far I have one female friend, Gina B. that I met at the Bay to Breakers this year, that will do it with me, and we need another male and another female to run a coed team. We'll see if we can pull a team together.

After that, I will be running the Spirit of Giving 5K on 12/10/2011 to complete my Shadowchase Running Club 250 poing challenge. I joined the club this year and if you earn 250 club points, you are eligible for prizes at the end of the year. You get points just by entering club runs. You get extra points for placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in your age group at the events. As of 10/18/11, I am at 240 points and will qualify just by entering this event. So far I have entered 9 club events and have collected 2 third place finishes, 1 second, and a first.

And that should complete my races for this year, unless I decide to sign up for a Turkey Trot somewhere this Thanksgiving. They are always fun, so I just might!

This one was taken on our vacation this year to Oregon. We did a lot of hiking and sightseeing. Just a nice family outing. This is me with my lovely wife, Amanda. It was a beautiful day. Tim, our 14  year-old son was with us. He probably took the picture.

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