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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, New Challenges

OK. So I am still doing the indoor tri that I signed up for. I have completed the running mileage and I'm working on the bike and swim, while trying to not neglect my runs. I'm doing 11 miles a day on the bike and about 300m in the pool every other day. Made it through the holidays without too much weight gain. I've set my goal to my birthday: 1/24 to be 157 or less, which will put my under my recommended BMI again. That is also the day that my employer has set up for our free health screening, so I won't have to hear them tell me that I need to lose weight, etc.

Current goal: 157 or less by 1/24
Current weight: 168 on 1/5
Actually went from -4 lbs on 12/9 to +1 today by not worrying about what I was eating
during the holidays. Oh well. I will get it in line for this challenge. I'm determined.

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