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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Hangover Handicap 2 Mile 1/1/13

The race turned out to be 2.33 miles which I did in 20:38. Good enough for 21st out of 64 runners. It was around 6 degrees. I was indeed outrun by the lady in front of me with her dog. They both ran well! A decent start to the new year. My goal is to race all distances possible this year between 1 mile and marathon. So I've got my 2 miler out of the way early. I also signed up for a 100 mile January challenge. I've only run 100 miles in a month once. That was 2 months ago when I was gearing up for my first marathon. I hit 103. I also set a goal to run my first 1000 mile year this year, so here we go!

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