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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Run for the Music 5K 3/17/12

Run for the Music on 3/17/2012

So I started out fast and fizzled. Did about a 3:1 run:walk, and finished in 29:31. That's about a 9:32/mile pace. Not that bad for taking 4-5 months off. Definitely something to build off. I'm fine with that. I just wanted to break 30. The big news here is that I stayed around for the awards and FREE raffle after and I scored Klamath Falls Gems minor league baseball season passes! I got 2 season passes and 2 hats. They play about 3 minutes from our house. I'm so excited. They play 33 home games and we got 2 tickets to each. That was the second best prize given out. I didn't even listen to what the top prize was, I was so excited. What a great day. 

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