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Monday, March 21, 2011

Race and Injury Update

So the Jamestown Run got snowed out! That was a bit of a relief, I can't lie. I really want to do well there and the hamstring is not 100%. Maybe around 70% or so. I can't push it until it is good. It doesn't even feel right. So they will reschedule the race and hopefully that will give me time to recuperate fully and retrain to perform at the level I have been running. Otherwise I will focus in on the Morgan Hill Wildflower Run on 4/10. If I'm good by that one, I will go for the 10K and see what I can do. Main focus now is to be 100% for the Bay to Breakers in May. This will probably be my featured race for the year. It is the 100th running and should be something very special to participate in. Check it out!