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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Santa Clarita Half

Yes. I ran the Santa Clarita Half Marathon on 11/7/2010. I completed it in 2:17:53. The picture at the top of my blog page is near the finish of this race. I purchased photos, but have not received them yet. That's why it has the Brightroom stamp on it. I am already planning on doing at least one, if not 2 or3 halves this next year (see my 2011 tentative schedule). I started this race well. I was around 18 minutes for 2 miles, 38 minutes for 4 miles, 58 minutes for 6 miles, (1 hour exactly for first 10K), and then I decided to just maintain a 10 minute pace by stopping every mile at the aid stations and either getting a drink or dousing my head (that's why my hair is all wet and pulled back in the race photo). I was at 80 min for 8 miles, and then I stopped paying attention and just started focussing on finishing. I finally got upset with myself around a half mile from the finish when I "had" to take an extra walk break. So I pushed myself until a 1/4 mile from the finish and sprinted the last 1/4. That's why I look like I am running well at the finish. I was. I was upset and made myself run! Overall, a pretty good race for my first half. Before I do another one I want to run that distance several more times so I don't feel like a need so many walk breaks just to finish.

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