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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spud Run 5 Miler

                                                    Spud Run 5Mile in Merrill, OR

I ran the Spud Run today in 46:54. My splits:

1. 9:00
2. 9:50 (hill)
3. 9:07
4. 9:47 (stopped to help another runner who fell)
5. 9:10

Overall, very pleased. It was windy and cold, around 43 degrees. Didn't help my breathing too much. Good to get outside and off the treadmill to stretch my legs and lungs before my upcoming marathon on 12/2. This was part of a community Potato Festival which was very fun and included a free BBQ after the race, live music, and a parade. Cute shops across the street, too!


Picked this little guy up across the street at a shop called the Blue Wolf. Had lots of cute giftables. This one's for me. I'll have Amanda wrap it and give it to me for Christmas! One bottle wineholder!

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