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Monday, December 6, 2010

12/6 Back outside

I tried running at the gym early yesterday and couldn't do more than a mile at a time without overheating. Not good, because I was out to put in 7+ miles. Baled after 3. Had a nice day with the family. Weather is great today. Going back outside to put in the other 4-5 miles. Made new friends at church and was invited over for dinner and a church meeting at someone's home. Ate too much, but was extremely hungry from cutting back recently. Probably tried to cut out too many calories. Feel really good today, even though I actually gained back a pound from yesterday. I weighed in at 163 yesterday and 164 today. I'll burn that off with my run today, though, no prob. Got a lot done on our Christmas list. So overall, yesterday was a good day.

Goal: 155 by 1/1/2011
Status: 164, down from 167, nine pounds to go in 26 days. Totally doable, if I stop overeating!

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